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Real Estate Offers

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Important Regulations in accordance with Real Estate
Rules of inheritance
Purchase of Real Estate by Foreign Nationals
Common Property and Right of Pre-emption
Condominium. Housing co-operative
Usufructuary right. Easement
Elements of government subsidies programme in relation with housing
Property sheet. The system of TAKARNET
Attorney (Notary) Collaboration

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The Acquisition of Property
The Acquisition or Selling of Property by Foreign Citizens
The Lease of Property
Usufructuary Right, Servitudes
Protection of a possession
Condominium. Housing co-operative
Elements of the State-Aided Financing of The Acquisition of Residential Property
Duty Applying to Acquisition of Assets
Taxation of Income Deriving From Property
Questions In Relation With Agricultural Land
Support And Life Annuity Agreements
Constuction of Residential Property
Mortgage, Option Right
Cases Involving Warranties And Related Disputes
Legal Counselling By Attorneys-At-Law
Miscellaneous Property Law Related Questions
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